The Truth about NuVet®

3Canine90wafersx-175You don’t generally encounter page after page of glowing testimonials for products that turn out to be scams. The NuVet review ® website reveals numerous positive comments from consumers who witnessed firsthand the many health benefits afforded by the NuVet Labs® products. The expression “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” accurately describes a healthy pet; wellness is obvious! Take a look at how your pet can achieve the same level of health with NuVet Labs® nutritional supplements.

Antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals, damage that can jump start the aging process or cause tumors to develop. NuVet® Labs uses only the highest quality human grade ingredients to provide your companion with powerful antioxidants that protect joints from arthritis and support eye health to prevent cataracts. NuVet® products also support immune health in general to neutralize potential health threats right from the start. A strong immune system wards off infection by harmful microorganisms.

Let’s talk about allergies. Skin allergies, with fleas being the most common culprit, occur so frequently among our companion animals that they deserve special mention. NuVet Labs® includes ingredients that strengthen the skin and coat to prevent flea bite damage and the itching and scratching response to flea saliva. Healthy skin and coat and immune activity do not allow allergens from establishing themselves in your pet’s system.

Shark cartilage, one of the ingredients contained in NuVet Plus®, has the ability to shrink cancerous tumors by discouraging the formation of blood vessels to the tumors. Without a food source (i.e., the blood), tumors shrink and die. This property makes shark cartilage a valuable ally in the fight against cancer; however, it also possesses collagen and glycosaminoglycan, an anti-inflammatory combination that aids in wound healing, and itself fights infection by harmful microorganisms.
It’s not hard to see why so many people sing NuVet’s® praises.

The Truth about Your Pet’s Skin & Coat Health

There are several factors to review that can affect your dog’s skin and coat. These issues can worsen in the cold and dry fall and winter months. Many pet parents treat for fleas and other pests, not realizing that the issues their pet has is not due to a parasite. There are several things you can do to relieve itching and scratching due to hot spots , allergies and dry skin. These remedies don’t take a lot of investment of time or money, and your dog will feel much better.

Veterinary Assistance

Most skin and coat allergies and issues with itching, biting and scratching can be dealt with at home. In many cases, these issues are simply caused by dryness or allergies. Sometimes, your dog may have skin or coat issues that do not respond to at-home remedies. It is important to see a vet before the problem gets to be too much to handle. Your vet can safely diagnose your dog’s issues and help you find a treatment plan that works for both of you.


For many dogs, frequent bathing can actually dry out and damage their skin or coat. Depending upon the breed, a bath once every few months is plenty. You can purchase special wipes to remove dirt from the surface of your dog’s coat between baths. If your dog has itchy skin, make sure you use a shampoo with oatmeal and other calming, soothing ingredients. You should also never use a hair dryer or other sources of artificial drying on your dog; towel them dry and then let the rest of the water evaporate from their coat through air-drying. And never let a wet dog out in cold temperatures; this can cause hypothermia and other problems.

Food and Supplements

Many dogs itch simply because their skin is dry. Some dogs are allergic to the grains and other fillers in less-expensive brands of dog foods. Switch to a grain-free diet from a high-quality dog food brand; you can find a comprehensive list with ratings and reasoning on While a grain-free diet is more expensive, it provides several benefits to your dog. Your dog will eat less, as the protein content is higher and he will get more of what he needs in each meal. Your dog will also shed less, as the corn and wheat used for fillers in other foods has been known to cause shedding. A diet high in protein will also add moisture to your dog’s skin and stop itching and irritation.

You should also consider adding oils to your dog’s food. Fish oil, coconut oil and extra light olive oil are great choices for any dog, and most dogs love the taste of these oils. Most canine dieticians recommend that you split your dog’s food into two or three meals per day, and then divide two tablespoons of your chosen oil among the meals. These oils provide other benefits to your pooch as well, such as assistance with weight loss and bone and joint health, plus they’ll keep your dog from itching and scratching. Best of all, a bottle of one of these oils is just a few dollars, so it won’t break your bank.

And finally, consider a holistic multivitamin supplement for treating hot spots, allergies, patchy fur, fur loss and other skin and coat afflictions. NuVet Plus® is an extremely high-quality, nutritionally-complete dietary supplements for your dog. While supporting the overall health of your dog, review NuVet Plus®, which also helps treat skin and coat issues, bone and joint problems, and many other issues. Your dog will look and feel better, and you can be assured that you are giving your dog the very best.

Pet owners should make an effort to stay informed about the latest recalls, in order to be sure that their pet food was not affected any recent issues. In addition to choosing a healthy, wholesome food for your pet, consider adding a nutritional supplement to your pet’s diet. NuVet Plus allows your pet to get all of the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that it needs. It will boost its immune system and help protect your pet against disease and infection. NuVet Labs has been in business since 1997 and NuVet products have never been recalled, due to their high quality manufacturing process in a human pharmaceutical FDA-registered laboratory. For more information, contact NuVet Labs today.

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